Wed. May 12th, 2021

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Co-Living And Sharing

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“Colocation is defined as the rental of the same accommodation by many tenants, constituting their residence and formalized by the conclusion of a single or several contracts between the landlord, tenants, and the lessor.”

To simplify, colocation, therefore, amounts to renting accommodation to several without having any particular links.

This concept strangely resembles this new form of cohabitation, which is called “co-living. “

Indeed, co-living is also an accommodation solution intended for the same target of people living alone and seeking to reduce their housing costs.

The reason is simple: the high price of real estate for purchase and rental in recent years, so few are able to afford to rent or acquire a property, especially at the start or end careers.

It is in this that the “co-inhabitants” find their account, whether they are colivers or roommates. By pooling the rent and expenses, they can thus find accommodation in metropolitan areas not far from their place of work or their family at more affordable prices, in a more comfortable living space.

The Advantages Of Co-Living

  • The co-living space is managed by a professional operators here
  • The length of stay is flexible and individual. Each coliver chooses it according to its constraints or desires
  • The coliving package absorbs the rent, the operating expenses of the common spaces, the services, and the activities. The overall budget of the coliver is, therefore, no surprise at the end of the month
  • The common areas are specially designed to create social interactions and encourage the community to create links: games room, sports hall, library, large fitted kitchen, garden, etc
  • The co-living operator takes particular care in the design of its spaces worthy of the hotel industry, to offer maximum comfort and optimize everyone’s well-being in an ideal living environment
  • A package of basic services is offered by the co-living operator and included in the package. Everyone is free to choose how to take advantage of it