Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

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How To Dispute A Fake Google Review In Singapore?

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When you have an online page on social media platforms and Google, you give people a chance to find out more about your services and contact you in case they need them. Moreover, you also give them the right to share their experience with your work online. When they share their feedback online, it’s visible to everyone else who might be interested in opting for your services. While positive reviews can motivate them to contact you immediately, even a single negative review (posted by dissatisfied customers or fake accounts of your competitors) can damage your image and take away potential business. Learn how to flag or dispute a fake Google review in case you don’t want this to ever happen.

You can hire a professional digital marketing firm that knows how to deal with Google reviews and improve your online profile. MediaOne is one such firm. It can contact the customers on your behalf and try to fix the problem that led them to write a negative review. If it’s a fake review, it can report the same to Google and remove it. So, contact it and have a discussion if you are facing fake reviews related problems online.